陳志雄博士為亞洲專業戒癮協會(AAAP)會長、加拿大(CCPC Global)戒癮課程亞洲臨床顧問兼課程主任和加拿大主恩學院課程主任,具有豐富的戒癮臨床經驗並致力研究和整合基督教戒癮神學,參與亞洲不同地區培訓專業戒癮輔導員工作。


亞洲專業戒癮協會(AAAP) │Asian Association for Addiction Professionals (AAAP) promotes excellence in care by advocating for the highest quality treatment for addictions. By providing professional training and certification, AAAP empowers counselors to work with addictions effectively. As a clinical partner of the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC), AAAP is authorized to offer professional training and continuing education towards certifications in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

教牧及領袖輔導課程 (國際戒癮認證課程) – 牧職神學院及亞洲專業戒癮協會合辦